"Agropecuaria San Ramón is a family business dedicated to the production, packaging
and export of agricultural products.

Welcome to Agropecuaria San Ramón.

ASR collects and represents a family tradition closely linked to the field and agriculture. We conceive our work as a tribute to nature that materializes in a harmonious relationship with the earth and its elements.

We have 16 years of experience and commitment to the care of the environment. We have two important business units, livestock farming and agriculture. In the agricultural unit produces and exports avocados in condition of fresh and variety Hass, Zutano and Fuerte. We take care of harvesting excellent Peruvian fruits for the world, sending it to different markets and meeting the highest quality standards of exportable Peruvian fruit and in turn, according to the needs of our customers.

- Certifications -

Our certifications guarantee the highest standards of quality and food safety. We maintain an integrated quality system with global certifications, issued by internationally recognized institutions, social responsibility audits for our clients, such as:



Our production philosophy is innovative and environmentally responsible. That is why we are aware that excellent resources are needed to produce excellent fruits. In that sense and thinking to satisfy the needs of all our customers, we have fIelds that allow us to produce and offer to the world, Peruvian fruit built with great dedication and of the highest quality.


  • Pampa Grande - North of Lima

    Avocado Hass, Zutano and Fuerte


  • San Ignacio - South Valley

  • Reposo - South Valley

  • Patipampa - South Valley

  • Quinga - South Valley


  • Izcutacocc - Highlands

- Production Line -

Livestock Farming

Milk Stable, Farm of Pigs

Since 1999, the constant innovation and concern for the sustainable development of the species, allows us to count on an important number of cattle of the highest level.


Avocado: Hass, Fuerte, Zutano. Passion Fruit and Citrus

In Agropecuaria San Ramon, we are in charge of producing the best fruit of Peru, to offer them to the most demanding markets of the world.

Cardboard box 4 / 5.6 / 10 / 11.2kg

Plastic box 10kg

Production calendar - Shipping Months

We have productions in the months of February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September, seeking to satisfy the needs of our customers.
JAN | 01
FEB | 02
MAR | 03
APR | 04
MAY | 05
JUN | 06
JUL | 07
AUG | 08
SEP | 09
OCT | 10
NOV | 11
DEC | 12

- Market -

We work with markets such as Holland, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Chile, USA, China, Japan, UK and Argentina.

Social Responsability

For more than 16 years we have been committed to the care of the environment. Always in constant contact with our production operations, located in three different geographical areas: highlands (Ayacucho), South valley in Pisco and north of Lima in Huacho. With a total of 800 hectares of production, we maintain the homogeneity of our quality controls, ranging from harvest to the distribution.

Our collaborators are part of this great family, that is why, in Agropecuaria San Ramón, we commit ourselves and invest in human development.

We also promote continuous improvement with social responsibility policies, which are reflected in the sustainable development of environmental projects.

We meet the highest environmental, social and food safety standards. The value generated is shared in a long-term working relationship for all our stakeholders.